Letters of appreciation


Having devoted my entire life to photography, being able to give something back to the community that I love is very satisfying. When I created my web site I was inundated with questions on how to get started in photography, so I created a page on how to become a professional photographer. This page answers the questions I get asked most frequently. Of course this is only my opinion and I advise all aspiring photographers to surround themselves with lots of advice before jumping in to this difficult but rewarding career Similarly my article on how to get started as a model was in response to the overwhelming requests for advice from aspiring models. Once again I advise all models embarking on this appealing yet frustrating career path to solicit advice from other professionals including models, photographers modeling agents etc. What you see below is a tiny sampling of the letters of appreciation that we receive every day from all over the world.

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This is just a small sampling of letters that have been written by photographers expressing their gratitude for the article I wrote on how to become a professional photographer.