Couples Photography South Florida


There are few things more satisfying than experiencing a true bond with someone. Whether is pure love between soul mates, sexual tension between consenting adults or genuine friendship that never fades, these emotions need to be captured and preserved for posterity.

At Danny Steyn Photography we have been photographing couples of all types for over 30 years. Some couples come to us for sexy seductive photographs displaying their intimacy; others come to us to capture their romance and friendship. Our couples photography is well known and we are proud to say that our couples photography hangs with pride on the walls in some of the most respected homes in South Florida.

Great couples photography captures the essence of the relationship. We are thrilled to work with both straight and gay couples as you see in the image gallery below.

So if you are looking for that special gift, call us today to set up your couples photography session.

You'll find us friendly, approachable and helpful. Our mission is to exceed your expectations at every level. Couples Photography Prices Couples Photography References Couples Photography FAQs

Couples Photography FAQs

How old must I be to book a couples photography session?

You must be 18 years of age and be able to show proof of ID prior to your Photoshoot in order to do a Boudoir Photoshoot.

I am concerned about privacy. Who will photograph my couples photography session and be present during the shoot?

Present during your session will be you and your partner, as well as your photographer and a makeup artist / hairstylist if ordered.

I am concerned with privacy. How secure are my couples photos? Who will see my photos?

We respect your privacy and we handle you photographs with the utmost care and respect. Your privacy is guaranteed. Apart from the photographer and assistants on set (if any) no-one else will see your images without your consent. Your images will not be posted anywhere without your express written consent. We are very honored and appreciative of our many clients who have given us permission to be featured on our website and in our portfolio.

How do I prepare for my couples photography session?

Get a good night sleep before your shoot. If you are shooting with any nudity or implied nudity, do not wear any tight fitting clothing when you arrive for your shoot. Any elastics, bra straps, belts, etc. will leave crimp marks on your skin. Arrive in a loose fitting gown or robe or anything that will not leave crimp marks in your skin. Avoid eating greasy foods and drink lots of water in the 24 hours prior to the shoot.

What wardrobe should I bring to a boudoir photography session?

We suggest a minimum of 5 outfits, but actually prefer that you bring too much rather than too little. We will mix and match from your selection to create the perfect stylized shot. For females we recommend that you bring a variety of items such as sexy bra and panty sets, sexy sleep wear, thigh high stocking, bikinis, cocktail dresses, miniskirts, low-rise jeans, cute tops, and plenty of fun jewelry and accessories. Personalize your shoot and get creative! Have all of your outfits clean, ironed, and packed so you’re ready to go. Arrive with your wardrobe in a roll-aboard suitcase and on hangers – we have a clothes rack and wardrobe area for you.

What is Artistic Nude Photography?

Artistic nude photography emphasizes the beauty of the body and its form. These fine art images are typically outputted in high contrast black and white images and are created with dramatic lighting and careful attention to detail, painting the female physique with carefully placed lights accentuating the curve and flow of the male and female form.

What if I want both Couples and Artistic Nudes?

You are in total control of your photoshoot. Once you hire us we shoot you, as you wish, in your allotted time. We do not put a limit on outfit changes or the style of photography you wish to explore. You may choose to do a mix of couples and artistic nude photography during a single session.

Are there any limits on what you shoot?

We will photograph lingerie, implied nude, semi- nude, and nude. Our style and photography is very beautiful and tasteful. We will shoot up to “playboy” style photography. We do not photograph anything explicit. We worship and adore the human anatomy and we seek to flatter and complement the human form at every opportunity, providing you, our client, with images that you will treasure for life and show with pride.

Do you do photographs of gay and lesbian couples?

Yes, we enjoy working with all couples irrespective of your sexual persuasion.

I have wanted to do this for so long, but I am so very nervous…

Absolutely everyone doing a couples session feels a little nervous, and yet excited prior to their photoshoot. It will take about 15 to 20 minutes for you to warm up in the beginning and before you know it you will be having a blast! By the end of the session we always hear from our clients “It was so easy and I had so much fun doing it! I wished I had done this years ago!”

But I don’t have a model’s body and I have obvious flaws…

First of all, none of the people on our website look like that in real life. The images you see are a combination of the client’s looks and our artistic and creative skills.

You don’t need the “perfect body” to look absolutely amazing in your photographs. The photographer’s job is to bring out your best features, whether it’s your eyes, cute smile, or your beautiful long legs, great body, and pose you just the right way. We are skilled at artfully draping the satin sheets, and carefully choosing the right wardrobe to complement your look.

Additionally we carefully place and adjust our studio lights to highlight your assets and diminish your weaknesses. And once these stunningly created images are captured, in our editing studio we take great care to enhance the overall image using tasteful and creative retouching and air brushing of your images, and ultimately you are assured of looking way more stunning in your images than you had ever imagined. Your partner will love this new sexy side of you!

I’m not a model and don’t know how to pose…

Our photographers will work with you advising you on how to move and posing you to accentuate your best features. It always helps to tear out images that you like or would like to recreate. We suggest practicing in the mirror and browsing through some of your favorite magazines to help you prepare. Searching the internet and bringing in magazine tear sheets will help us get a feel for the style and type of photography that you like best. We will do our best to recreate the images that you like.